Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Freedom of Being Wrong

"When two people hold diametrically opposite points of view, the truth does not necessarily lie somewhere in between. It is possible that one of them is simply wrong."

Being able to be wrong is a freedom greatly to be sought. There is huge relief in being able to let go, admit fault, make amends and move on. Being right all the time is hard work, really hard work, and being right in an indefensible position is utterly exhausting.

Some of the most rewarding apologies I have made, though, have been ones that I have made when I did not even think that I was wrong; apologies made because the relationship needed for me to make them. The situation was that the relationship was being damaged and I could repair it with an apology, and it was time to “man up” and remember that a relationship is bigger than self.

If you have not experienced that I cannot describe it, but doing that expands one’s sense of self, and cements one’s place in the relationship in way that is far more rewarding than being right.

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